Guest Service Coordinator

The Guest Services positions are the customer service representatives that comprise our front desk staff. The Guest Services position comprises of three different job roles: Greeting Clients / Phones / Check out. Qualifications for this position are as follows: High school diploma, computer skills, customer service background, detail oriented, good communication skills, polished appearance, exceptional phone skills. This is a full time position and you must be able to work 40 hrs per week.


Duties include personally assisting a Senior Stylist or Colorist. This may include performing stress relieving treatments on clients for your stylist or colorist and finishing of clients. The schedule of Tuesday through Saturday is determined according to your stylist or colorist schedule, and training on Mondays brings the work week to 40 to 46 hours. During this time you are in Cycle 1 of the training program. Time spent in Cycle 1 (as with all the cycles) is self-paced and determined by your level of skill and desire.

*Must be currently licensed. Van Michael Salon no longer offers an apprenticeship program.


Van Michael Salons seeks motivated individuals who can maintain brand cleanliness standards for all salon areas. A Housekeeper is responsible for the overall cleanliness of the salon, including restrooms. Major responsibilities include ensuring guests and staff are satisfied with salon cleanliness, responding to guest needs, sweeping, maintaining supply of towels and other salon linens, stocking restroom and break areas, maintaining inventory of cleaning supplies. Applicants must be able to lift 50lbs and work a flexible 40-hour schedule.


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